Design Direction for Bare journal.

Bare is all about raw and untouched beauty." - Claudia Bruno, founder.

Bare is a global fashion, culture and arts magazine dedicated to the unadorned moment of truth—an ode to the raw beauty of realism and simplicity.

We made an un-designed and imperfect magazine.

The idea was to create an imperfect magazine, because we are imperfect. We were looking for irregularities, craft, and simplicity.

First moodboards
Early sketch

We set out to make Bare look un-designed, or barely designed. In making something slightly imperfect, we looked to the early days of printing when printers –  craftsmen, not designers –  were responsible for all typesetting.

Our inspiration was ’naïve design’. We were intoxicated by the simplicity of one color. By the handmade feel imparted from subtle differences in type. Differences like one letter worn out to the point of having a thicker imprint. Or a letter replaced by one from another set.

Founder and Creative Director: Claudia Bruno
Design Director/Consultant: Alex Aráez
Editors in Chief: Courtney Saunders | Emily lundin
Fashion Director: Sarah Cobb
Graphic Designer: Natasha Berting
Web Design: Pepe Villaverde