Loop Aurum

Creative Direction

Campaign launch video — SOUND ON


Product launch strategy and creative direction for Loop rarest earplugs. A unique drop made of 18k gold. Designed by AI.

The focus of the strategy was to double down on scarcity making this drop ultra-rare. We set an art direction based on rarity, with a combination of advanced technology and humanity.

We communicated this by dramatising both sides: technology was treated was if it was alien-made. Humanity was represented by bringing back ancient details and textures inspired by the roman empire.

The music was chosen with the sound of a clock in between, which creates a subconscious sense of intrigue and mystery. And eventually triggers a sense of fear of missing out.

We set an OKR of 10.000 members to join our Loop Community for the entire campaign (3 weeks time), which was reached in 24 hours surpassing expectations. We ended with 35.000 members and we increased our reach to 150.000 users — when the average numbers were 30.000.