Loop Earplugs

Seasonal Campaign

Unique packaging design

Supporting assets

Social media content


Solstice and Equinox are a two-part campaign showcasing Loop’s seasonal collections. Bold colors to stand out and celebrate the earplug as a fashion accessory, seasonals became our boldest yet most fun creative campaigns.

My role in this project was to work closely with the CMF team as well as our creative teams to develop a cohesive story, both from a product and a communications standpoint.

We made a unique packaging design for both editions, to make this drop a collector item. The packaging design called for well-rated unboxing content as well as many other graphic elements that came from the custom-made logos and color usage.

I also assigned an art director (Nina Hagen) and a creative copywriter (Derek Mitchell) to develop all the communications and the campaign, while I only reviewed certain parts of the work. Special mention to Pauline De Naeyer for the great content she created for our socials.

Photographer: https://mariewynants.com/