Alexandra Barker

Art Direction, Brand Strategy & Brand Identity Design

Concept development: “Our brand is inspired by a collective community of talented artisans and creatives coming together” — Alexandra Barker.

The concept expresses this idea by deconstructing the logo and dividing it into multiple shapes. All shapes together give meaning as a whole. At the same time, the shapes by themselves resemble shapes of textile patterns to create garments.

Out of the abstract shapes, we created a pattern, that serves as an iconic element for packaging and other deliverables.

Brand video animation: DOUBLE TAP or CLICK to watch.

Custom made letters. Finding the right typography took longer than creating one. Alexandra Barker has a unique typography made specifically for the brand.

Editorial and packaging applications.

Creative direction and Brand Design: Alex Aráez
Photography: Ramona Deckers
Video animation: Conrad Zwolinski

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