Freelance Designer

Art Direction | Graphic Design | Concept Development


I am a freelance Graphic Designer specialized in Art Direction and brand development for digital, print or spatial design.

Being pragmatic at heart, I love creating brands with strong and powerful ideas that are easy to understand by consumers, without compromising high-end aesthetics. On the other hand, I am also one of those that can spend days looking at fonts to find the right typography – some people say I am a bit of a nerd.

I have worked on global projects which call for Art Direction, Graphic Design, and Spatial Design in the fields of fashion, luxury, culture, food, and music.

What I do:

Branding (Strategy and Design)
Concept Creation
Design/Art Direction
Installation, Spatial Design
Digital Design
Web Design / WP Frontend

I am based in Amsterdam although I work remotely and worldwide. For bookings or collaborations, please get in touch.



Scotch & Soda
Tommy Hilfiger
Teeez Cosmetics
Marriot Hotels
Bare Magazine


The Scene | Bloomingdale’s Kuwait

Concept & Brand Design

Scene has created a unique food experience for shoppers to dine and dwell, promoting the exclusive services and iconic heritage of Bloomingdale’s.

Scene and Bloomingdale’s bring together brand icons to create an impactful and memorable ambiance engaging shoppers with a social space of creation.

Scene’s chic and elegance draws inspiration from Bloomingdale’s New York City heritage and the role it continues to play in the exclusive social scene of the city. At the center of the New York City’s exclusive social scene are extravagant luxury apartments, hosting private viewings where the best home furnishings, fashions and food are brought together and celebrated by New York City elites, a tradition Bloomingdale’s still caters for since the 70s.

Art Direction & Design: Alex Aráez
Strategy: Heath Broussard

Work done at UXUS FutureBrand


Concept & Brand Design

Moselier draws inspiration from the Moselle valley, where Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium meet, linked by the Moselle River.

Renowned for its abundant vineyards and gastronomic finesse, Moselle Valley is an iconic destination for Luxembourgish art of living.

The logo reinterprets the iconic lines of vineyards creating a strong branding element across all applications.

Art Direction & Design: Alex Aráez
Strategy: Asell Yusupova

Work done at UXUS Future Brand.

Bare Journal

Art Direction & Editorial Design

Bare is a global fashion, culture and arts magazine dedicated to the unadorned moment of truth—an ode to the raw beauty of realism and simplicity.

We set out to make Bare look un-designed or barely designed. In making something slightly imperfect, we looked to the early days of printing when printers – craftsmen, not designers – were responsible for all typesetting.

Our inspiration was ’naïve design’. We were intoxicated by the simplicity of one color. By the handmade feel imparted from subtle differences in type. Differences like one letter worn out to the point of having a thicker imprint. Or a letter replaced by one from another set.

Creative Director: Claudia Bruno
Art Director/Designer: Alex Aráez
Graphic Designer: Natasha Berting
Web Design: Pepe Villaverde

Scotch & Soda

Window Display Concept

We were asked to develop a window display concept for Scotch & Soda, featuring the new patterns and bright colors for the upcoming season.

To reinforce the patterns and show the best pieces of the collection, we exaggerated the length of the garments to create strong visual impact.

Dresses, shirts or pants become long columns of bright color interchanging between big florals and summer graphic brights.

UXUS for Wojooh

Book & Editorial Design

Editorial Design for UXUS Concept presentation.


Concept & Brand Design

Mexico meets Scandinavia.

ANIZA works with local artisans to support their craftsmanship and help preserve the rich cultural textile heritage of Mexico.

In Europe, ANIZA works with family-owned companies still producing locally and with a savoir-faire cultivated through generations.

As the product is really rich in terms of textiles and textures, we decided to make the branding very neutral and elegant, to contrast the Mexican influence.

We created a neutral identity that lets the product be the hero.
We simply added a Swedish symbol to make a connection with Scandinavia.

Icon Collection

Brand Design

The cosmetics brand Teeez asked us to develop the brand identity of their best sellers collection.

Teeez offers high-end products with an edge. Since their collections are quite bold, we went for dark materials and a beautiful typographic treatment using copper and embossing finishes.


In-store installation

Cashwrap installation made of wooden slats and side painted typography.

10,2 x 3,3 m

Tommy Hilfiger at De Bijenkorf

Concept & Installation Design

We were asked to develop a unisex concept for a product-story statement in the Bijenkorf for the chino collection spring summer.


Custom-Made Typographic Installation

Custom made typographic installation based on trade gothic condensed for a new store in Moscow. Metal plate with wooden sides.

1,30 x 1,70 m

Gallery Rob Koudijs

Photography and Styling

Together with stylist Emily Besa, we developed the product photography and styling for the Dutch gallery Rob Koudijs.

Redesign of Ritazza

Concept & Brand Design

The global brand Ritazza asked us to redesign their identity and come up with a new concept.

Ritazza means in Italian ‘another cup.’

The brand was approached literally from its name. We simply reflected the idea of an ‘empty’ container that needs ‘filling’.

This umbrella concept was applied to all the brand elements.

Even the interior furniture has that bottom black line that references a nearly empty container.

They also wanted to differentiate their offerings in the evenings, where the place transforms into a cocktail bar. We propose to maintain the identity but only change a visible item, like the apron. We designed an apron for coffee and food and a reverse one to be used in the evenings.

The project was done at UXUS FutureBrand.

Tommy Hilfiger

Brand & Packaging Design

Concept presented for the holiday packaging, the design reference was taken from the inspirational brief to design the collection, the holiday mixer, and the foulard.

We reinvented the foulard by creating four new patterns out of one, the patterns in combination with the color palette created a mixed system that shows a richer picture when piling boxes in the store.


Concept & Brand Design

A young music management studio with a fresh attitude. They only work with bands that write and compose POP music.

“We help bands to grow. We make their careers skyrocket.” – Said the founder. We created a brand that flies like a meteorite. The style is influenced by pop culture.

The logo itself has multiple variations as well as the ‘M’. We wanted to create an identity where the logo can come from different directions.

We also created posters series representing sound. These were created for advertising and for internal communications.

The work above was selected in no particular order. Feel free to send me an email if you wish to see more work.