All Round Designer / Creative Art Director

Art Director/Designer specialized in concept creation and brand development for digital, print or spatial design.


Hello there,

I am an Art Director/Designer specialized in concept creation and brand development for digital, print or spatial design.

Being pragmatic at heart, I love creating brands with strong and powerful ideas that are easy to understand by consumers. On the other hand, I am also one of those that can spend days looking at fonts to find the right typography – some people say I am a bit of a nerd.

I have worked on global projects which call for Art Direction, Graphic Design, and Spatial Design in the fields of fashion, luxury, culture, food, and music.

What I do:
Concept Creation
Design/Art Direction
Branding (Strategy and Design)
Installation, Spatial design
Digital Design (UI + UX)
Web Design (Wordpress + HTML + CSS)

I am a freelancer based in Amsterdam although I work remotely and worldwide. For bookings or collaborations please get in touch.


Some of the brands I have worked for:

Tommy Hilfiger
Scotch & Soda
Marriot Hotels
Bare Magazine

Selected Work

Bare Journal

Art Direction and Graphic Design

Bare is a global fashion, culture and arts magazine dedicated to the unadorned moment of truth—an ode to the raw beauty of realism and simplicity.

We set out to make Bare look un-designed or barely designed. In making something slightly imperfect, we looked to the early days of printing when printers – craftsmen, not designers – were responsible for all typesetting.

Our inspiration was ’naïve design’. We were intoxicated by the simplicity of one color. By the handmade feel imparted from subtle differences in type. Differences like one letter worn out to the point of having a thicker imprint. Or a letter replaced by one from another set.

Creative Director: Claudia Bruno
Art Director/Designer: Alex Aráez
Graphic Designer: Natasha Berting
Web Design: Pepe Villaverde

Another Coffee, Please

Concept & Brand Design

Another Coffee, Please is a coffee and work space.

The brand was approached literally from its name. We simply reflected the idea of an ‘empty’ container that needs ‘filling’.

This umbrella concept was applied to all the brand elements.

Even the interior furniture has that bottom black line that references a nearly empty container.

Scotch & Soda

Window Display Concept

We were asked to develop a window display concept for Scotch & Soda, featuring the new patterns and bright colors for the upcoming season.

To reinforce the patterns and show the best pieces of the collection, we exaggerated the length of the garments to create strong visual impact.

Dresses, shirts or pants become long columns of bright color interchanging between big florals and summer graphic brights.


Concept & Brand Design

A copywriting and design agency based in Amsterdam. They asked us to create a brand around their core business: native English creative writing.

We made the identity as an invitation to write and to experience the feeling of starting from scratch.

The simplicity of the identity can be extended in many shapes, allowing flexibility in all communications.

Tommy Hilfiger at De Bijenkorf

Concept & Installation Design

We were asked to develop a unisex concept for a product-story statement in the Bijenkorf for the chino collection spring summer.

Tommy Hilfiger

Brand & Packaging Design

Concept presented for the holiday packaging, the design reference was taken from the inspirational brief to design the collection, the holiday mixer, and the foulard.

We reinvented the foulard by creating four new patterns out of one, the patterns in combination with the color palette created a mixed system that shows a richer picture when piling boxes in the store.


Concept & Brand Design

Mexico meets Scandinavia.

ANIZA works with local artisans to support their craftsmanship and help preserve the rich cultural textile heritage of Mexico.

In Europe, ANIZA works with family-owned companies still producing locally and with a savoir-faire cultivated through generations.

As the product is really rich in terms of textiles and textures, we decided to make the branding very neutral and elegant, to contrast the Mexican influence.

We created a neutral identity that lets the product be the hero.
We simply added a Swedish symbol to make a connection with Scandinavia.


Concept & Brand Design

A young music management studio with a fresh attitude. They only work with bands that write and compose POP music.

“We help bands to grow. We make their careers skyrocket.” – Said the founder. We created a brand that flies like a meteorite. The style is influenced by pop culture.

The logo itself has multiple variations as well as the ‘M’. We wanted to create an identity where the logo can come from different directions.

We also created posters series representing sound. These were created for advertising and for internal communications.


Custom-made Typographic Installation

Custom made typographic installation based on trade gothic condensed for a new store in Moscow. Metal plate with wooden sides.

1,30 x 1,70 m


In-store Installation

Cashwrap installation made of wooden slats and side painted typography.

10,2 x 3,3 m

The Food Haven

Concept & Brand Design

The food haven is a street food restaurant based in Singapore. The main request was to reference the country culture and architecture in the design.

We created three different patterns that can be used randomly in different colors, providing a rich and versatile brand identity.


Editorial Design

We brought the international fashion label Sandwich_ to the next level by giving a new meaning to an existing positioning (love your twist). We developed a rich brand personality and brand world. Hereby the Spring ’15 lookbook.

With Regina Wysny and Claudia Korpadi
Photography: Marijke de Gruyter
Styling: Frank Visser (IJM)

Two Points Copy

Concept & Brand Design

Two points is a native English copywriting studio based in Amsterdam. We were asked to develop its brand identity.We asked the copywriter to participate in the identity by coming up with different quotes about ‘points’. Each element of the stationary has 10 different versions, with different quotes on the back or the front.The logo is also a creative nod to punctuation: a slanted colon forms the two Os in ‘two points’.

Tommy Hilfiger

Brand & Packaging Design

The theme of the season was the plaid. We reinterpreted the pattern we were given to play with, and created series of plaids to have variety in the collection.

Next to the holiday packaging, we made both a digital and a printed press kit to show the collection in detail.


Concept & Brand Design

Identity proposal for AMS international business building.

We proposed a subtle brand that references airport language. The name became AMS, which is Schiphol airport’s abbreviation. It is displayed on luggage tags. The brand is simple and colorless, reflecting elegance and sophistication.

Also to suggest the idea of international, the rest of the identity uses the standard typography mostly found on tickets, in this case, the monospace typeface Courier New.

Tommy Hilfiger

Window Display Concept & Design

We were asked to come up with a window concept linking Tommy Hilfiger with the Taormina film festival for the top retailer in Taormina, the boutique Parisi.

We made a reinterpretation of film features by using iconic elements from vintage movie posters and placing our garment as the main character.

We created several characters just by using garment, which would be our “window-stars”.

I am a freelancer based in Amsterdam although I work remotely and worldwide.
For bookings or collaborations please get in touch.