The Sentiment Collection

Brand Identity & Packaging Design


The seven sins inspire the sentiment collection. It is designed to serve as an emotional journey of mood & desire, expressed through seven distinct lines, each with seven products.

from taboo to temptation, from lust to love, from fear to anger, the collection explores the emotional barriers we all face and how to break

We decided to take a colorful and bold approach to the collection. We applied a unique color palette to each of the seven sins, combining opposites and shades, and making the sentiment logo part of the textures.

The logo makes emphasis on the strength and sound of the word sentiment. We chose a bold, tall, and compressed look (using Druk family as the main typography) to make a statement on each of our applications.

The project was done for the cosmetics brand Teeez.

Creative Direction: Heath Broussard
Art Direction and Design: Alex Aráez
Photography Direction and Styling: Ashley Schulzetenberg
3D Modelling: Conrad Zwolinski