WeBound Marketing

Brand Identity & Web Design

Logo, Icon and Color Palette.


Web Design.


WeBound Marketing asked us to re-brand their company, including new brand positioning, tagline and brand identity design.

Our rationale: When a brand wants to use advertising, they want to be sure they are targeting the right audiences at the best time and with the best conditions possible.

In a nutshell: they want to optimize their strategy. They want to be precise.

WeBound has to be seen as a trustworthy company that knows what is doing in today’s digital marketing world. Reliability (optimization) and transparency is what the customer should experience when thinking of WeBound.

Brand Positioning:

We exist to provide companies with a mutually beneficial and result-driven approach to make their message spread and hit the right audience.

Our goal is to help companies lower their advertising costs by using the best way to make their ads convert. We estimate ad spend which gives peace of mind, and we strive for efficiency from both sides, both client budget and ad performance.

Brand Essence: Conversion Marketing.

Tagline: Conversion Driven Marketing.