Brand Identity Design

Logo, brand applications and web design.

Color Palette.

Typography: Graphik and Schnyder


Bodyhappiness is a content platform and a community where people come to get help to loose weight and be healthier. They receive this help initially through our articles, videos and other content, but once they find out about our community (on the forum we have), they get a lot of help from the user generated content there too.

Bodyhappiness’ mission is to make people happy with and in their own body.

What we wanted people to remember is that Bodyhappiness leads to a community, to a place of sharing and getting inspired.

Bodyhappiness is a long name and it shouldn’t be complicated, we aim to direct people to the community, and use as much as possible.

Therefore we approached the brand by creating an icon, a memorable visual that evokes what the brand is about.