"This stuff works so well that it almost feels like cheating."

Conrad Zwoliński - Product Designer.

Talent is overrated, in the end it's all about connections

This book is intended for Design enthusiasts. Mid-weight designers with freelance aspirations and in need of a guideline, starters who want to have a considerable advantage in the professional world, and for Design managers or supervisors who are clueless about why the best-talented people keep leaving.

Working for big brands can be one of the best things that can happen in your career. It will give you the most valuable asset when it comes to growing as a professional: credibility. Once you have the brand experience in your portfolio, doors will open for you to go almost anywhere.

"Alex's honesty and frankness about the industry is refreshing."

Claudia Bruno - Creative Director.

Once you are inside the corporate world, you will realize that talent is not enough, and there is more to it than just getting hired. It is also about being liked, and about surviving a labyrinth of layers of many people in between while being able to produce the best quality work.

The corporate world, although it is exciting and rewarding, can be complicated, hard to impact and exhausting to the point of burnout.

Be ready to learn the good and the not-so-good sides of the creative industry and begin a healthy career as a freelance designer.

In this book you will learn:

  • How creativity works and how to be more productive
  • How good and bad leaders act
  • Learn to deal with people you like and dislike
  • How to turn around nonsense feedback
  • How to deliver presentations that sell
  • How to make the most out of your time
  • How to approach companies you want to work for
  • How to shift from a full-time job to a freelance life
  • How to negotiate better with integrity
  • How to quote your clients
  • How to present your best work
Table of contents


  • Stop being too humble
  • Start small
  • Get an agent
  • Go to a big firm


  • The telephone
  • It’s all about connections, not talent
  • Winning friends
  • Remember their names
  • Creativity
  • Meetings
  • Overtime
  • Burnouts
  • Multitasking


  • What are you good at?
  • The longer you have, the longer it takes
  • Think like an engineer
  • Leadership
  • Go on your own
  • Present yourself
  • Promote your work
  • Integrity & Negotiation
  • Work hourly
  • Design for people


  • Grades don’t matter
  • You are too talented for us
  • The promise of growth
  • Jobs are like relationships
  • Eat well. You are not that busy
  • Invest