In a world moving at full velocity, our inability to remain patient and pay attention to details has made us completely inefficient at searching for new jobs.

We make it easy for recruiters to reject us by sending résumés cluttered with irrelevant content. We invite them to ignore us with our long, impersonal cover letters filled with stories no one cares about. We sell ourselves short by avoiding the salary negotiation, for fear of being rejected. We look desperate by answering too quickly and becoming too available.

The worst of it all is that it’s not about lack of skill or talent. You could be the perfect candidate, with all your skills and years of experience. You know you are good enough. You work hard. You believe in yourself, and you know that any company won’t regret hiring you. But what does that matter, if you can’t even get an interview in the first place?

Dress me slowly; I’m in a hurry. takes us on a journey to the deeper levels of the job hunting game, emphasizing why we tend to sell ourselves short and the psychology behind every move we make. The book presents the job search from the recruiter’s perspective and operates from the principles of branding and how others perceive us. Alex, a brand designer with a reputation across the globe, provides us with an inspiring storytelling framework to present ourselves with conviction, and stand out in our over-saturated and competitive job market.

In this book you will learn:

> The psychology of why we sell ourselves short
> How to write the motivation letters and emails companies reply to
> How to present yourself with conviction and stand out with your resume and your LinkedIn profile
> How to negotiate a higher salary and how to respond to trap questions at interviews
> How to create a resume that works and gets you interviews

Dress me slowly,I'm in a hurry.

Master the Art of First Impressions to Stand Out in the Job Hunting Game.

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Get invited to job interviews, even at companies that aren’t hiring.

Create a compelling résumé, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter with The Six Essentials framework. Apply to any company, even if they have no job openings.

Negotiate as if you have nothing to lose, even if you do.

Companies sell you the idea that you would be ‘lucky’ to work for them. And in most cases, their first salary offer is at the low end of their scale. Learn the negotiation game and play your cards right while you still have the chance.

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Dress me slowly,I'm in a hurry.

Master the Art of First Impressions to Stand Out in the Job Hunting Game.

FROM $9.99